HRVH Marketing and Promotional Materials

Communication Plan Template
This document is designed to help HRVH partners develop a communication plan to promote their collections and exhibits.

HRVH Logos
Use the graphics below on newsletters, brochures, and web pages to promote the HRVH site. Right click on any image and select "Save image as" (or "Save picture as"). Select a directory to save the image on your computer. Name the file (or use the default name) and then click "Save." If you need other file formats and/or sizes, please call Jen Palmentiero at 845.883.9065 x116 (or contact Jen via email).

100 x 39 pixels, GIF, Transparent background


300 x 118 pixels, JPG



300 x 150 pixels, JPG



800 x 400 pixels, GIF



900 x118 pixels, JPG