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Hudson River Valley Heritage

About this collection

A selection of items from the Historic Huguenot Street archives including a sampling of early New Paltz manuscripts, 1672-1750.

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African American History

Browse The Missing Chapter: Untold Stories of the African American Presence in the Mid-Hudson Valley - This online exhibit contains images of historic documents and descriptive text concerning the African American presence in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Images include historic photographs, bills of sale, last wills and testaments, estate inventories, runaway slave notices, court cases, slave laws, journals, ledgers, and correspondences.

Browse Hidden Heritage: The Story of Reverend James Murphy - Hidden Heritage is an exhibit within The Missing Chapter: Untold Stories of the African American Presence in the Mid-Hudson Valley.


Textiles and Clothing

Browse all Quilts of Historic Huguenot Street


Browse A Notion to Sew - The inspiration for "A Notion to Sew" came out of a two year project to inventory the furnishings and household items of the Hasbrouck family at Locust Lawn, a sprawling farm complex featuring the Federal era house of Josiah Hasbrouck. This stately 1814 house later became the home of Levi and Hylah Hasbrouck and their five children. Using photographs, letters and other archival materials, this exhibit examines a group of talented and energetic women whose family history goes back to the earliest days of settlement in New Paltz and offers viewers a glimpse of their handiwork.

Browse Binary Visions: 19th-Century Woven Coverlets from the Collection of Historic Huguenot Street - This online exhibit builds upon the exhibition entitled, Binary Visions: 19th-Century Woven Coverlets from the Collection of Historic Huguenot Street, a collaboration between the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at the State University of New York at New Paltz and Historic Huguenot Street. Featured here is a selection of 19th century woven coverlets, along with photographs and historical documents from the Permanent Collection of Historic Huguenot Street, that provides additional information about woven coverlets and carpet weaving.

Browse the Katherine Deyo Cookingham Downer Collection - The majority of items in this collection were donated by the estate of Katherine Deyo Cookingham Downer of Poughkeepsie, N.Y. in 1976. It consists of the Deyo Cookingham Family Photograph Album as well as selected articles of clothing worn by members of the Deyo Cookingham family. Also included are assorted ephemera detailing events in the history of the family as well as genealogical information. The photograph album contains images of members of the Deyo, Cookingham, Howell, and Brodhead families. These cabinet cards were taken during the late 19th century by photographic studios in Ulster County, Dutchess County, and Brooklyn, N.Y.


Civil War

Browse the Civil War Collection of James T. Thitchener - James T. Thitchener, wrote a series of letters home during his brief period of service in the Civil War while under Company I. of the New York 124th Volunteers Regiment. He enlisted on August 16th 1862 and was mustered to position of Private on September 5th 1862 at the age of 25. He is known to have fought in the battle of Chancellorsville, and was maimed in the battle of Gettysburg, on July 2nd 1863, less than one year after enlisting. He survived his injuries, but died relatively young at the age of 36 on August 31st 1872.


Browse the Civil War Letters of Johannes Lefevre - This collection of letters reveals the story of young Civil War soldier Johannes Lefevre. While mustered in with the 156th New York Volunteer Army, Johannes fights in many battles including the famous Battle of Winchester. His letters cover many topics, from concern for girls to discussion of camp life and the horrors of war. Although he is severally wounded at the Battle of Cedar Creek, doctors assure his family that he will recover shortly. Tragically, however, Johannes succumbs to gangrene in a Virginia hospital far from his family back home in New Paltz.


Browse The Civil War Letters of Meeker G. Griffin - The seven letters in this small collection detail some of the events relating to the Civil War experience of Private Meeker Griffin. Griffin mustered in Company C of the 56th Regiment of the New York Veteran Volunteer Infantry in 1861 and later transferred to the Navy on December 31, 1863. One of the highlights of the collection is Meeker's mention of his visit with President Abraham Lincoln.

Photographic Images

Browse the Faces and Places of the Past Collection - An on-line exhibit of known and sometimes unknown people and places concerning the history in and around the town of New Paltz, N.Y.


Browse the On the Porch Steps Collection - Images of people and families on porches.


Browse the Mary Ann Thorne Chadeayne Collection - This collection contains photographs, genealogical information, letters, a signature album and images of quilts and other textiles, pertaining primarily to the family of Mary Ann Thorne Chadeayne.



Browse Education in a Valley Fair - This exhibit explores the growth of education in the New Paltz area from the early Huguenot days through the twentieth century. It is a collaborate effort of the Haviland-Heidgerd Historical Collection at Elting Library, Historic Huguenot Street and the Sojourner Truth Library at the State University of New York at New Paltz, and is based on materials from their respective collections.


Native Americans in the Hudson Valley

Browse Before Hudson: 8000 years of Native American History and Culture - Before Hudson: 8000 years of Native American History and Culture, illustrates the history of the people living in this area prior to European contact. Based on archaeological finds from Historic Huguenot Street, this exhibit demonstrates that the history of this area did not start with Henry Hudson. Rather that for thousands of years prior to "discovery", the people who inhabited this land had a developed, fascinating culture. More than eighty projectile points, pottery fragments, trade beads and other artifacts have been unearthed and cataloged into the collection at Historic Huguenot Street.



Browse The Colonial Manuscript Collection - Images of archival documents relating to the early development of the town of New Paltz, NY, settled by Huguenot immigrants from northern France in 1678. Types of records include wills, receipts, contracts, town tax lists and meeting minutes, and family letters, written in French, Dutch, and English, primarily concerning the financial and legal activities of the first few generations of the town. English translations of foreign-language items are provided.


Browse As the Seasons Turn - As the Seasons Turn is an exhibit of greeting cards from the late 19th to early 20th century, a collaboration between Historic Huguenot Street and Locust Lawn Farm, owned by Locust Grove. The collection contains Valentines, Easter, Christmas, New Years, and Birthday cards along with gift calendars, most of which were donated by Annette Innis Young. Several of the greeting cards are addressed to members of the Hasbrouck, Innis and Young families, with their original envelops and personal notes from the sender. The exhibit also includes four handmade Valentines, from the Dingman family and from the personal collection of Hitchock-Kelley Family and Mary Etta Schneider. The HHS and Locust Lawn Farm greeting card collection contains over 400 cards – a selection has been chosen for this exhibit.


Browse Around the Table: Early Cooking in the Hudson Valley - This exhibit explores the many facets of everyday cooking and food preparation and what they meant to people in historical upstate New York. A recipe including boiled calves feet and a balloon fly trap are among some of the oddities that are not only interesting but very telling of contemporary concerns and beliefs. Cooking utensils, receipts and recipes create a detailed picture of culinary practices, diet, measurement and even provision costs in the nineteenth century.

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