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Hudson River Valley Heritage

About this collection

The Archives of Historic Red Hook contain an extensive collection of materials relating particularly to the Town of Red Hook, including its incorporated Villages of Red Hook and Tivoli, and the hamlets of Annandale, Barrytown and Upper Red Hook. Included are maps, surveys, photographs, newspapers, journals, letters and other personal records dating from the 1800s to the 1950s, genealogical information, selected objects and civic organization records. The items presented here exemplify some of the graphic materials in the Archives.


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Browse the Ward Manor Collection: A collection of postcards and photographs of Ward Manor in the 1920's. Ward Manor was a home for the poor and elderly as well as a summer camp for youth managed by the New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor and run by William H. Matthews, author of 'Adventures in Giving'. The collection belonged to a camper named Sadie Francaviglia. Emily Majer purchased this collection on E-Bay.


Ward Manor was a 900-acre estate on the Hudson River in Red Hook, New York. In January 1926, Mr William B. Ward conveyed the property to the New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor "for the establishment and maintenance of a home for the aged, a home for convalescents, and summer outing camps." He also proposed a home for elderly people. A summer camp for girls from 7 to 16 years was also established and in 1927, a summer camp for boys was built on the riverside edge of the property. Ward manor operated until 1945 and was transferred to Bard College in 1963.


Browse the W. S. Teator Glass Plate Negatives – Presented here are selected images from a collection of almost 300 glass negatives of photographs taken by William Seward (Will) Teator (1860-1930), between 1890 and 1910, of Upper Red Hook (N.Y.) scenes, people, family groups, buildings etc. Teator was a self-taught conchologist, accomplished artist, farmer and blue ribbon apple orchardist. The glass plates were donated by Clara and John Losee.


Browse the Harriet Martin Dey Photographs - Presented here are selected images of Red Hook (N.Y) and the Hudson Valley taken by Harriet Martin Dey. Harriet Martin was born in 1868 in Illinois. She married Marvin Hull Dey in 1907. She was a niece of Edward Martin, a wealthy Red Hook farmer and benefactor. The Martin family had land interests in Illinois and presumable Harriet traveled between Illinois and Red Hook for family reasons and enjoyed taking photographs of her travels.


Browse the Red Hook Postcards – Presented here are selected images from a postcard collection of scenes of the Town of Red Hook, including commercial businesses, private houses, churches and public buildings.


Browse the Horse Thieves Collection - The Town of Red Hook has been home to two societies organized to apprehend horse thieves. The oldest, The Upper Red Hook Society for the Apprehension and Detention of Horse Thieves, was founded in 1796, to protect what was then the most valuable critical possession of the farmer – the horse. Sixty-three local farmers formed the society at the Upper Red Hook Inn of Stephen Holmes on October 10, 1796. Riders were appointed to be on call to pursue any thief that stole a member’s horse and the roster changed every year at the annual meeting, set for the second Tuesday in October, when dues were paid. The Society was a ‘male only’ organization until 1956. Annual meetings are held to this day, featuring a dinner, reports on any stolen horses, and horse-related talk by a guest speaker.

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